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Christine Bowker - Spirit Medium

We are all connected
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About Me

About Christine Bowker

I have always been able communicate with spirit.  When I was very young, I had 2 near death experiences, and I believe that enhanced my abilities. I have always relied on intuition and spirit communication to guide me through life.


In 2009, my son Rob passed away and I thought my life was over.  The grief and sadness was overwhelming.  I sought out mediums after his death to keep me going.  With their help, I became whole again.  I want to give back to others suffering from this intense sadness and grief and to bring through messages of hope and love from the loved ones we miss. 


I believe that we are all connected - in life and after death.  I know that our missed loved ones are constantly standing behind us cheering our accomplishments and sending love when we are sad.  The signs they send are everywhere - It's up to us to pay attention.

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Christine is amazing! You leave her feeling loved, connected and happy. She is extremely talented! Beautiful woman inside and out that comes from her heart!


Hanover, MA

Christine is the real deal! I've had several readings with Christine and each time I have no doubt my loved ones are there. Her readings are full of detail and she delivers them with kindness and passion.They leave me feeling more connected and help me understand that our love from those in spirit is eternal.


Hanson, MA

Christine is a wonderful medium. I’ve had many spontaneous readings and everything has been spot on. All given from the heart and of course spirit.


Norwell, MA

I was nervous for my first reading. It’s something I’ve always wanted to have done, but also had some fear about doing so. Christine made me feel very comfortable, and expressed her messages with a great way about her. I really felt connected with her so much it brought tears to my eyes. Can’t wait to see her again sometime. I’d definitely recommend her to family, friends and or whoever is on the fence. You need to see her.


Carver, MA

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