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Love from Spirit

Christine Bowker - Spirit Medium

We are all connected
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About Me

About Christine Bowker

I have always been able communicate with spirit.  When I was very young, I had 2 near death experiences, and I believe that enhanced my abilities. I have always relied on intuition and spirit communication to guide me through life.


In 2009, my son Rob passed away and I thought my life was over.  The grief and sadness was overwhelming.  I sought out mediums after his death to keep me going.  With their help, I became whole again.  I want to give back to others suffering from this intense sadness and grief and to bring through messages of hope and love from the loved ones we miss. 


I believe that we are all connected - in life and after death.  I know that our missed loved ones are constantly standing behind us cheering our accomplishments and sending love when we are sad.  The signs they send are everywhere - It's up to us to pay attention.